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This video has been going around the punk scene lately and for good reason. It rocks. It is a drum medley of every Fat Wreck Chords full length release (excluding live albums, compilations and re-releases) in chronological order of the label’s first 20 years. Thanks for all the tunes, Fat!

Audio Mix: Michael Ferfoglia
Medley compiled by Kye Smith
External drums performed and recorded by Kye Smith
Cameras provided by eLuminate Training


00:00 – Lagwagon – Duh


00:05 – Propagandhi – How To Clean Everything
00:09 – No Use For A Name – The Daily Grind


00:14 – Lagwagon – Trashed
00:20 – Strung Out – Another Day In Paradise


00:22 – Face To Face – Don’t Turn Away
00:27 – Good Riddance – For God And Country
00:32 – No Use For A Name – Leche Con Carne
00:37 – Tilt – ‘Til It Kills
00:42 – Wizo – Uuaarrgh!
00:43 – Lagwagon – Hoss


00:48 – Snuff – Demmamussabebonk
00:53 – Hi-Standard – Growing Up
00:59 – Strung Out – Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues
01:05 – Propagandhi – Less Talk, More Rock
01:14 – Good Riddance – A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion
01:19 – Goober Patrol – Vacation
01:21 – Snuff – Flibbidydibbidydob
01:26 – Swingin’ Utters – A Juvenile Product Of The Working Class
01:31 – Screeching Weasel – Bark Like A Dog


01:34 – Screw 32 – Under The Influence Of Bad People
01:38 – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Have A Ball
01:43 – Hi-Standard – Angry Fist
01:52 – No Use For A Name – Making Friends
01:56 – Lagwagon – Double Plaidinum
01:59 – Bracket – Novelty Forever


02:02 – Good Riddance – Ballads From The Revolution
02:10 – Tilt – Collect ‘Em All
02:12 – Strung Out – Twisted By Design
02:18 – Snuff – Tweet Tweet My Lovely
02:21 – Swingin’ Utters – Five Lessons Learned
02:28 – Mad Caddies – Duck And Cover
02:34 – Screeching Weasel – Television City Dream
02:39 – Goober Patrol – Unbearable Lightness Of Being Drunk
02:42 – Lagwagon – Let’s Talk About Feelings


02:54 – Sick Of It All – Potential For A Fall
02:55 – Good Riddance – Operation Phoenix
03:01 – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Are A Drag
03:08 – Frenzal Rhomb – A Man’s Not a Camel
03:15 – Tilt – Viewers Like You
03:22 – No Use For A Name – More Betterness
03:26 – Consumed – Hit For Six
03:31 – Hi-Standard – Making The Road


03:37 – Snuff – Numb Nuts
03:40 – Bracket – When All Else Fails
03:41 – Avail – One Wrench
03:45 – Swingin’ Utters – Swingin’ Utters
03:50 – Less Than Jake – Borders And Boundaries
03:55 – Sick Of It All – Yours Truly


04:01 – Propagandhi – Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes
04:11 – Zero Down – With A Lifetime To Pay
04:17 – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Blow In The Wind
04:22 – Frenzal Rhomb – Shut Your Mouth
04:31 – Mad Caddies – Rock The Plank
04:36 – Anti-Flag – Underground Network
04:44 – Rise Against – The Unraveling
04:52 – The Dickies – All This And Puppet Stew
04:57 – Good Riddance – Symptoms Of A Leveling Spirit


05:02 – The Lawrence Arms – Apathy And Exhaustion
05:07 – Strung Out – An American Paradox
05:12 – Dillinger Four – Situationist Comedy
05:14 – No Use For A Name – Hard Rock Bottom
05:23 – Avail – Front Porch Stories


05:30 – Swingin’ Utters – Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, And Bones
05:35 – Mad Caddies – Just One More
05:40 – Lagwagon – Blaze
05:52 – Rise Against – Revolutions Per Minute
06:01 – NOFX – The War On Errorism
06:09 – Good Riddance – Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection
06:12 – Frenzal Rhomb – Sans Souci
06:21 – None More Black – File Under Black
06:25 – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Take A Break
06:30 – Sick Of It All – Life On The Ropes
06:32 – The Lawrence Arms – The Greatest Story Ever Told
06:35 – Anti-Flag – The Terror State
06:40 – Against Me! – As The Eternal Cowboy


06:46 – Descendents – Cool To Be You
06:50 – The Epoxies – Epoxies
06:56 – Joey Cape & Tony Sly – Acoustic
07:02 – Only Crime – To The Nines
07:06 – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Ruin Jonny’s Bar Mitzvah
07:14 – Strung Out – Exile In Oblivion


07:18 – Smoke Or Fire – Above The City
07:25 – Chixdiggit! – Pink Razors
07:31 – The Epoxies – Stop The Future
07:35 – No Use For A Name – Keep Them Confused
07:40 – The Soviettes – LP III
07:45 – The Real McKenzies – 10,000 Shots
07:55 – Against Me! – Searching For A Former Clarity
08:03 – Propagandhi – Potemkin City Limits
08:13 – Western Addiction – Cognicide
08:17 – Lagwagon – Resolve


08:23 – Randy – Randy The Band
08:27 – The Loved Ones – Keep Your Heart
08:33 – The Lawrence Arms – Oh! Calcutta!
08:38 – The Sainte Catherines – Dancing For Decadence
08:42 – Love Equals Death – Nightmerica
08:45 – NOFX – Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing
08:50 – None More Black – This Is Satire
08:53 – Good Riddance – My Republic
08:58 – Dead To Me – Cuban Ballerina
09:02 – Strike Anywhere – Dead FM
09:07 – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Love Their Country
09:12 – Bad Astronaut – Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment


09:14 – Only Crime – Virulence
09:18 – Smoke Or Fire – This Sinking Ship
09:24 – Citizen Fish / Leftover Crack – Deadline
09:29 – Mad Caddies – Keep It Going
09:35 – Strung Out – Blackhawks Over Los Angeles
09:41 – The Flatliners – The Great Awake
09:47 – American Steel – Destroy Their Future


09:55 – The Loved Ones – Build & Burn
10:05 – No Use For A Name – The Feel Good Record Of The Year
10:10 – The Real Mckenzies – Off The Leash
10:16 – Star Fucking Hipsters – Until We’re Dead
10:19 – Dillinger Four – C I V I L W A R


10:25 – NOFX – Coaster
10:30 – Pour Habit – Suiticide
10:37 – American Steel – Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts
10:42 – Banner Pilot – Collapser
10:43 – Teenage Bottlerocket – The Came From The Shadows
10:48 – Strung Out – Agents Of The Underground
10:53 – Dead To Me – African Elephants


10:58 – Tony Sly – 12 Song Program
11:07 – The Flatliners – Cavalcade
11:11 – None More Black – Icons
11:14 – Smoke Or Fire – The Speakeasy


11:19 – Old Man Markley – Guts ‘N’ Teeth
11:31 – Screeching Weasel – First World Manifesto
11:38 – Pour Habit – Got Your Back
11:43 – Swingin’ Utters – Here, Under Protest
11:47 – Ellwood – Lost In Transition
11:55 – Cobra Skulls – Agitations
11:59 – Star Fucking Hipsters – From The Dumpster To The Grave
12:05 – Tony Sly – Sad Bear
12:13 – Frenzal Rhomb – Smoko At The Pet Food Factory
12:21 – Dead To Me – Moscow Penny Ante
12:26 – Banner Pilot – Heart Beats Pacific


12:31 – Useless ID – Symptoms
12:42 – The Real McKenzies – Westwinds
12:45 – Joey Cape & Tony Sly – Acoustic Volume 2
13:01 – Teenage Bottlerocket – Freak Out!
13:12 – Morning Glory – Poets Were My Heroes
13:16 – NOFX – Self Entitled

Welcome to the Cosmic Love BallHello Bay Area musical socialites! It was great to see you the other night at the Cosmic Love Ball with DJ Wyllys, the North Beach Brass Band, Materialized, and Rubblebucket! That’s right, it was another great year for the futuristic love circus called the Cosmic Love Ball, which is held at the Fillmore in San Francisco every year to celebrate life, love, and music. This year, the Fillmore was adorned with wall hangings around the auditorium with heart accents around the room, including a whole wall filled with heart lights. Naughty love was certainly in the air though. As you entered the Fillmore you were greeted by a statue of a blindfolded angel’s bust offering you the traditional Fillmore apples. It was certainly a symbol of how the night was to progress.

DJ Wyllys at the Cosmic Love BallThe evening started off kind of slow with people slowly trickling in, but the lively DJ Wyllys kept everyone energized in the main auditorium while the North Beach Brass Band kept people entertained upstairs in the Poster Room. Eventually, the North Beach Brass Band marched their way downstairs and onto the dance floor to announce the beginning of the evening. It was awesome having them come down and march through the crowd. It really got everyone moving and it felt like we were swept away to New Orleans for a moment. Once everyone was hyped up the lights went down and genre bending house band, Materialized, took the stage.

Materialized at the Cosmic Love BallIf you have not seen or heard Materialized go check them out right now. They blew the crowd away at the Cosmic Love Ball with their intense energetic beats, thundering bass, and killer synths. They either kept people standing in awe, or made people move uncontrolablly. Either way, people seemed to be transported to cosmic love bliss. It is really hard to pinpoint what genre Materialized really is though. In fact, on their website they actually say the following:

“Any attempt to pigeonhole Materialized as an electronica band, a jam band, a jazz band, etc. doesn’t really work since this band has giant antenna always scanning the airwaves for interesting new ways of combining the musical banquet of the 21st century.”

They seem to rely heavily on beats, but they seem to twist and turn enough to keep you guessing on what kind of band they really are. One thing is for sure – they are really good.

Lebo paints Materialized at the Cosmic Love BallAdding to the fun of the evening, artist Lebo was painting along to the music. It was great to see images appear before our eyes as he worked on them. It really seemed to add another layer to the music too. It was a great addition to the entertainment for the evening. Thank you Lebo! The Galactic Muses dancers also took the stage several times to add some drama and flare with their sexy dance moves and several costume changes.The Galactic Muses dancers

Rubblebucket at the Cosmic Love BallSoon after Materialized finished their set, Rubblebucket came on. They were pretty good, and accomplished musicians, but I did not really care for their set as much for some reason. They seemed to be too showy with semi afro-cubanesque influences and some pop thrown in, and the combination really was not working for me. However, their horns were really good and I was definitely moving. In fact, the whole crowd seemed to really enjoy them and everyone seemed to be moving their butts. It was a really good time. What I really loved the most was when singer Kalmia Traver would hop on the baritone sax every once in a while and took command of the stage. Even better was the end of their set when she hopped down off the stage with her sax and started playing through the crowd with the rest of the band and the North Beach Brass Band to end the show as they walked out of the venue. It was an awesome way to interact with the crowd and change the atmosphere of the venue before finishing the evening. Good times had by all!

If you are around the San Francisco area next February I highly encourage you to check out the Cosmic Love Ball. It is a wonderful evening of good vibes, good music, and good times. I hope to see you all there next year!



Cosmic Love Ball Stage  Welcome to the Cosmic Love Ball Might Dave Pellicciaro's Rig at Cosmic Love Ball DJ Wyllys at the Cosmic Love Ball The North Beach Brass Band at the Cosmic Love Ball North Beach Brass Band sax at the Cosmic Love Ball North Beach Brass Band bass in my face Materialized at the Cosmic Love Ball Mighty Dave Pellicciaro of Materialized Mighty D of Materialized at the Cosmic Love Ball Carlitos and Dale of Materialized Dale Fanning of Materialized Mighty Dave of Materialized The Galactic Muses dancers Galactic Muses dancers at the Cosmic Love Ball Crowd at the Cosmic Love Ball Lebo paints Materialized at the Cosmic Love Ball Dale Fanning rockin at the Cosmic Love Ball Dale Fanning patch change Mighty D rockin the Cosmic Love Ball Mighty D love pants coming off Materialized thanks everyone for coming Rubblebucket at the Cosmic Love Ball Finishing the Cosmic Love Ball

Green Day have released a new video for a song off their latest album ¡Tre! The “X-Kid” video reminds us of a simpler, analog time free of streaming services, iTunes downloads, and YouTube videos. There is not much to see in this video. Someone just presses play on a cassette tape and lets it play.

Let it roll yourself, and just listen to the music.

For the very first New Year’s Eve shows in the newly refurbished Grate Room at Terrapin Crossroads, singer-songwriter Joan Osborne will perform on December 30-31 with Mark Karan and Keith Cotton. Tickets for these dates are available here and at the Terrapin Crossroads box office during normal box office hours.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse have released the 17-minute video for “Ramada Inn”, from their new album Psychedelic Pill out October 30 on CD and November 23 on triple vinyl. Watch the full clip below. As announced on JamBase, a full fidelity version of the album will be released on Blu-ray and will include all the videos.