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Cosmic Love Ball 2012Returning this year to the fabulous San Francisco Fillmore the 2012 Cosmic Love Ball, now in it’s 7th year, is going to be the biggest, boldest, futurist-est lovetasm yet! The massively sassy music you’ve come to expect will be comin in hot with EOTO, MATERIALIZED, and Love in the Circus. Vau De Vire Society will be dancing and dazzling; Klown Korps will provide romantic mischief and much, much more fun!

Tickets: $29.50
Limited VIP Packages available: $75.00
VIP Includes: Special ambient viewing area, private access, poster, treats, and surprises!


EOTO will drop their mad dance machinations while MATERIALIZED brings their big Love Ballin’ best with special appearances by Brian Jordan on guitar (Karl Denson, Lauryn Hill), MC Radio Active, and Robin Coomer (Loop!Station) singing her heart out. The super cool Love In The Circus will be here from LA and the fun just keeps comin’!

Don’t miss the mad mad fun. GET THERE EARLY! Vau De Vire Show in the Poster Room STARTS AT 9PM SHARP!! The great DJ Funklor will be spinning at 8:30 and the fun won’t stop till last champagne pops!



“With no two shows alike, fans have come to expect the unexpected. Changes in mood, energy, and inspiration are reflected—in real-time—by rhythmic and melodic shifts in the music as EOTO makes their way through a plethora of tools and techniques. The duo moves effortlessly from choppy dubstep to whip-smart, four-on-the-floor house to psychedelic trip-hop. It’s a dance marathon, but everyone’s in it together.

Materialized is an ongoing musical collaboration built on the core of a lifelong friendship between Grammy Award winning keyboardist (Mighty) Dave Pellicciaro and drummer Dale Fanning.
Based in Oakland, CA the band builds their energized sound on big beats and sonic scapes. To keep the music constantly growing they engage a revolving cast of talent for their live shows ranging from a powerhouse two-man match to trios, full band with a horn section, singers, video and dancers including their main associate, Cuban-born bassist Carlitos Del Puerto (Bruce Springsteen, Herbie Hancock).
Materialized has released their EP CD “Songs About Music” and are dropping three fresh singles on Feb 1st. Check these high octane adventures on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify and Pandora.

Love In The Circus
Love in the Circus features unique and seductive melodies that combine and blur the lines of electronica, rock, jazz and blues with sultry, edgy, museful hooks.
The group was formed by singer/bassist Leanna Rachel and producer/guitarist Chris Brickler. Curtis Cunningham joined the group on drums, Eric Hargett on keys/saxophone and Cha Chi on percussion/synths. The High Priestess and Leah Zeger add beautiful textures on the harp and violin, respectively.

Starting Next Week, Spotify No Longer Free

Posted: January 16, 2012 in News

Spotify will no longer be free.

We know: it’s the worst headline you’ve read all week. But it’s true: Spotify is pulling the rug out from under its free listeners.

Six months ago, the music streaming service made its US debut and quickly gained traction as the Internet’s preferred streaming / discovery service du jour, dwarfing contributions from other players like Pandora, MOG and Rdio. But that may change when the service hits its half-year anniversary this week. That’s when most free users will discover their previously unlimited, ad-supported listening privileges will be replaced with a 10-hour per month limit on free streaming (including a 5-play limit on any single song in Spotify’s archives).

Why the change? BBC News speculates Spotify is under pressure from record labels who see next to nothing in streaming revenue from free users (who comprise 85% of the site’s user base). Labels may be getting antsy that they’ve…

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Coral Reefer Smokey Santa

Coral Reefer at Christmas 2011

This holiday season Music Sumo teamed up with Coral Reefer and her Smokey Santa giveaway to bring a Stoney Playlist on Spotify.

Created for participants but available to all, the playlist is an eclectic mix of music, some obviously stoney, while others hit you later.  The playlist will continue to be updated as we choose new music to add. So, now you can get to know Coral’s music tastes as it flowers, along with her favorite smokes! So, keep checking back to find new music to listen to courtesy of Coral Reefer and Music Sumo!

The Stoney Playlist can be found, here:

Happy Holidaze and “Stay High!”

Apparently, for three years multiple government agencies from around the world could have been hopping on your computer and seeing what you were up to. Yup, it appears that a British company called Gamma International had been marketing software called, FinFisher, which has been used to hack into machines running Apple’s iTunes.

Gamma International say they offer “zero day” security flaws, which have not been publicly disclosed, so attempts to exploit them are unlikely to be detected by anti-virus programs. They created the FinFisher software to exploit a vulnerability via a bogus update to iTunes, which is installed on more than 250 million machines worldwide. They then marketed this software to government and police agencies all around the world, including Egypt’s feared secret police, to spy on specific targets within the general public.

The crazy thing is that Apple was informed of the flaw in their iTunes software three years ago, in mid-2008. Seeing that Apple usually fixes security flaws within about 90 days, it raises questions as to whether Apple was willingly allowing this government hacking to take place or not. Seems that the hacking has been stopped for now though. Recently, Apple issued iTunes update 10.5.1. This update explained that, “a man-in-the-middle attacker may offer software that appears to originate from Apple”, adding that the “issue has been mitigated.” We’ll see.

I’m just glad that I have recently started using Spotify more!

In a move to bolster it’s market share in the online, on-demand music industry, Rhapsody has agreed to aquire Napster subscribers and certain other assets from Best Buy, which will receive a minority stake  in Rhapsody. Rhapsody President, Jon Irwin, said in a statement,

“This deal will further extend Rhapsody’s lead over our competitors in the growing on-demand music market…. There’s substantial value in bringing Napster’s subscribers and robust IP portfolio to Rhapsody as we execute on our strategy to expand our business via direct acquisition of members and distribution deals.”

A Rhapsody spokeswoman has also stated that the company plans to re-brand Napster under the Rhapsody name. So, pretty soon after the deal finalizes on November 30, 2011, Napster will cease to exist once again. Bye-bye, Napster. Bye-bye.

Rhapsody is doing this mostly to obtain Napster’s subscriber base, hoping that it will strengthen their subscription music service at a time with Apple’s iTunes dominating the music market and other music services rising like Oakland, CA’s Pandora and Sweden’s Spotify. Will this help enough to keep Rhapsody competitive and viable in the on-demand music marketplace in the coming years? We shall see.

Spotify coming to Facebook?!

Posted: September 12, 2011 in News
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You all remember Spotify, the free online music service from Sweden? I posted about it a few weeks ago, and I have been having a blast with it ever since. Well, recent news coverage suggests that Facebook plans on unveiling a free online music service using Spotify, MOG, and Rdio. This is amazing news. Assuming that this service launches globally, 750 million people on Facebook would suddenly have access to free music. My only thought is how the revenue model works out on this. Actually, I imagine that this might be the only thing that could hold up this deal as the record companies could possibly decide to go back on the offer if they suddenly feel a sense of unease. I can’t wait to find out. Has anyone been using Spotify, MOG, and/or Rdio? What are your thoughts on these services, and what are your thoughts on receiveing free music via Facebook?

If you are in the know, then you have probably heard about Spotify. Spotify is a wonderful Swedish digital music service that was started in 2008 in an effort to offer a legal alternative to online piracy. It has been popular for while in Europe and now it has finally made it here to the US!

Spotify lets users listen to over 15 million songs on their computers and mobile devices and allows the users to upload their own music to add to the ever-growing library. Users can also create a profile to set their music preferences, to favorite artists and playlists, and to even share their playlists with their friends for them to listen to.

The best thing about Spotify is that it’s free. That’s right, you can listen to almost any current song for free. There are actually three different plans that you can choose from. Spotify currently offers a free, ad-supported version and two other subscription plans that do not display ads. A $5 per month plan lets users access Spotify on their computers without ads, and a $10 per month version allows users to also access music on their mobile devices.

I have been using Spotify for a couple of weeks now to check out new music that I would not usually listen to. It has opened my ears to some new Pop, which I’ll admit has been nice. Today, I was also listening to Sublime with Rome‘s new album, Yours Truly, and I think I might pick it up now based on what I heard.

If you decide to check out Spotify then hit me up on there. I would love to hear what music you are into. My account is, of course, “MusicSumo.” Hope to hear ya around!

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