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Lana Del Rey has posted clips from two songs off her forthcoming debut album “Born to Die,” which will be released on January 30th. In addition, the title track will be released as a single January 22nd. The songs, “This Is What Makes Us Girls” and “National Anthem” can be found after the jump.

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Lana Del Rey performed "Video Games" on SNL this weekend.

Lana Del Rey performed “Video Games” this weekend on Saturday Night Live. We’ll let you form your own opinion. Watch it below:

NBC news anchor Brian Williams took time away from More Important Things to holler at Gawker with his take on her appearance:

Brooklyn hippster [sic] Lana Del Rey had one of the worst outings in SNL history last night — booked on the strength of her TWO SONG web EP, the least-experienced musical guest in the show’s history, for starters.

Ouch. The divisive singer, who has absorbed accusations of sporting a label-contrived image but has some fantastic songs behind her, still looks shaky onstage. But it wasn’t that bad, right? What do you think?

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A7X Photo

Avenged Sevenfold  played at the Target Center in Minneapolis Minnesota on December 3rd, along with Hollywood UndeadAsking Alexandria, and Black Veil Brides. Our respect for A7X continues to grow ever since they announced a free concert for Bay Area fans to make up for their cancelled performance at Live 105′s Uproar Festival in Mountain View, CA.  Before their performance in Minneapolis, they received a request from a fan to sing along with them to “Second Heartbeat,”  and they made that fan very happy. Watch below:

Check out our photo gallery by Kasey Jean (click for more of her excellent work). Be sure to visit the Facebook-exclusive photos from this concert as well.

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Fugazi will reveal an archive of 800 live shows from 1987 to 2003.

Though Fugazi have been on extended hiatus since 2003, their rabid fanbase follows the band with no less passion: just last year my roommate told me, in an only-half-joking tone, “the only thing I listen to anymore is NPR and Fugazi.”

The punk band’s loyal following will be thrilled to learn that the Fugazi Live Series, a massive archive of Fugazi shows spanning from 1987 to 2003, will launch to the public on December 1st. 130 videos will be available at launch, with a whopping 800 to be posted in the archive when all is said and done. That’s an average of 50 shows a year, for any current artists taking notes on how to carry themselves like total badasses (remember, 800 doesn’t even count the ones they didn’t record).

As is fashionable these days, you can preview a show for free and download it through a pay-what-you-want scheme…

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Best Touring Band EVER!!

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Videos
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Ok, I came across this video a little while ago and have been wanting to share it since it pretty much leaves me speechless everytime I watch it. These guys have put together the most crazy touring vehicle I have ever seen. I have no idea where this is really, other than the fact that the video I originally found on is listed as coming from Russia. So, if you know anything about these guys please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!!