Spotify coming to Facebook?!

Posted: September 12, 2011 in News
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You all remember Spotify, the free online music service from Sweden? I posted about it a few weeks ago, and I have been having a blast with it ever since. Well, recent news coverage suggests that Facebook plans on unveiling a free online music service using Spotify, MOG, and Rdio. This is amazing news. Assuming that this service launches globally, 750 million people on Facebook would suddenly have access to free music. My only thought is how the revenue model works out on this. Actually, I imagine that this might be the only thing that could hold up this deal as the record companies could possibly decide to go back on the offer if they suddenly feel a sense of unease. I can’t wait to find out. Has anyone been using Spotify, MOG, and/or Rdio? What are your thoughts on these services, and what are your thoughts on receiveing free music via Facebook?


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