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Green Day have released a new video for a song off their latest album ¡Tre! The “X-Kid” video reminds us of a simpler, analog time free of streaming services, iTunes downloads, and YouTube videos. There is not much to see in this video. Someone just presses play on a cassette tape and lets it play.

Let it roll yourself, and just listen to the music.

If you are a Green Day fan then you probably heard about them taking the stage at New York City’s Irving Plaza to deliver a career spanning 40-song set last month. Well, now you can check out the last 20-odd minutes of the concert. The footage kicks off with Dookie‘s, “Burnout.” Then, the band cruised through other fan favorites like “Hitchin’ a Ride,” “Letterbomb,” “She,” and finally the awesome “American Idiot” as the closer. Enjoy!

Green Day has released the video for their The Clash inspired song “Kill The DJ,” which will be released on their upcoming album ¡Uno!. The video is pretty random as it finds the trio riding motorcycles through the desert and hanging out with some sweaty ravers. Then, things get kind of violent and finally everyone gets back to dancing. Enjoy!

You may have already heard that Green Day is planning on releasing three consecutive studio albums soon titled ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tres!. The first disc drops on September 25th, the second on November 13th and the third on January 15th. Supposedly, each of the  three albums has a totally different vibe. According to Billie Joe Armstrong,

“The first one is power pop. The second is more garage-y, Nuggets-type rock. And the third is supposed to be epic. With the first album you’re getting in the mood to party. On the second one, you’re at the party. And the third album you’re cleaning up the mess.”

All three discs are produced by Green Day’s old producer Rob Cavallo who also co-produced their 1994 breakthrough disc, Dookie. According to Cavallo,

“We wanted to get back to the simplicity of Dookie. We also wanted to go pre-Dookie, back to our love of 50’s and 60’s music, close-to-the-bone Rock & Roll. You don’t hear a gazillion parts. The majority of this is drums, bass, two guitars and vocals.”

Bassist Mike Dirnt went on to say the following about the albums:

“We were just thinking about making a killer power-pop record – dirtier, back to basics. We tapped into our version of Exile on Main Street.”

Until the albums come out, enjoy the release of their videos. A hint when watching this one – put on some 3D glasses!