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Joe Principe of Rise Against, Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio, Vic Bondi of Articles Of Faith, and Jeff Dean of Noise By Numbers have started a new band called Dead Ending. The band recorded songs this past November in Chicago, but additional information on when those songs will be released is not clear. You can check out the only update the band has given below by clicking “Read More.”

Katie Hovland from Jaded in Chicago snapped some photos this past November when we got together in the studio for the first time. See them here: 2012/01/1850/

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Todd Shaw, aka Too $hort, has been accused of grabbing a woman’s breasts at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in San Francisco on March 6. Kenya Winston claims that Too $hort made vulgar comments to her before reaching down from the stage and grabbing her breasts. She filed a police report four days after the incident, but no charges were brought against him at that time. She then contacted her attorneys soon after, and they filed a sexual battery lawsuit on her behalf. According to Daniel Dean, her attorney:

“Ms. Winston is a hardworking mother who just wanted to treat herself to a fun night out. What Too $hort did was reprehensible and our goal is to hold him accountable…. We understand Too $hort, he’s a rapper and a lot of his lyrics are vulgar and what he says onstage is vulgar. Those are his First Amendment rights. But to reach down and grab someone’s breasts?”

Joshua Binder, an attorney for Too $hort, refused to comment on the lawsuit.