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Jack White, famous from bands the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, and the Dead Weather, is gearing up to release his first solo album, “Blunderbuss” on April 24. Little information is known about the release. The first single, “Love Interruption” can be found below from his official website.

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Backseat Nation

Joe Principe of Rise Against, Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio, Vic Bondi of Articles Of Faith, and Jeff Dean of Noise By Numbers have started a new band called Dead Ending. The band recorded songs this past November in Chicago, but additional information on when those songs will be released is not clear. You can check out the only update the band has given below by clicking “Read More.”

Katie Hovland from Jaded in Chicago snapped some photos this past November when we got together in the studio for the first time. See them here: 2012/01/1850/

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Phil Lesh is opening a restaurant / concert venue in San Rafael, CA

The Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh is finally moving forward on plans to open Terrapin Crossroads, a restaurant / concert venue slated to open next month in San Rafael, CA’s Canal District. The venue’s new website outlines the philosophical backbone supporting the establishment:

As we got deeper into it, it morphed into something more comprehensive: a community cultural and educational center. We plan to celebrate the arts – music, culinary, poetry, dance, literature, visual arts including photography, theatre, and other creative endeavors – so aside from a performance space and restaurant, Terrapin Crossroads will also host art exhibits, have an art-and-music-themed library and reading room, memorabilia displays, and a beautiful, comfortable place where friends can meet to exchange ideas over a glass of wine or a drink, a terrific meal, and of course hear some great music.

We’ll also be a place for teaching and learning: in addition to regular musical…

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