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Bob Weir, Jonathan Wilson, and Jason Crosby play a slow rendition of Grateful Dead‘s, “Deal.” Every week that he can do it, Bob Weir invites friends to TRI Studios to jam and answer questions from people on Twitter. You can watch along live every Wednesday at 5:30 PM PST at
You can also ask Bob Weir questions on Twitter by using the hashtag #WeirHere

Hope to see you all online watching and asking questions!

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Originally written by Trent Reznor and performed by Nine Inch Nails (see their live version, here), Hurt turned into such an iconic video for Johnny Cash in 2002. This was probably partially due to the fact that this was one of the last videos that Johnny Cash did before his death and it featured images of his life. Directed by Mark Romanek, the video for Hurt went on to earn best video of the year by the Grammy Awards and CMA Awards, and the best video of all time by NME in July 2011.