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On Saturday, March 24th, The National will join Bob Weir in a free webcast from Weir’s TRI Studios. Dubbed “The Bridge Session,” the event will be an evening of mixed musical genres, political discussion, and a showcase of modern technology. For the show, Scott and Bryan Devendorf of The National assembled a band from within Brooklyn’s independent music scene including Josh Kaufman, Thomas Bartlett, Kyle Resnick, Walt Martin, Conrad Doucette and Samuel Cohen. Their setlist with Bob Weir will include original songs by the Grateful Dead and The National, as well as cover songs with subtle, and not-so-subtle, political messages. Also in attendence will be Grateful Dead lyricist and activist, John Perry Barlow, who will be a panelist in a roundtable discussion that will take place between music sets.

The roundtable between sets will focus on issues that potentially unify people of divergent ideological perspectives – specifically, getting money out of politics and protecting the First Amendment. This roundtable will not be a closed discussion. Fans watching The Bridge Session at home will be able to ask questions to Weir, Barlow and other special guests via Twitter. It is being said that this event aims to “bridge the gaps” between people of various tastes and viewpoints. The name of the event also references TRI Studios’ location just North of the Golden Gate Bridge, and The National’s home base of Brooklyn and its equally famous bridge.

The Bridge Session will be produced by HeadCount, a non-profit organization that promotes voter registration and democratic participation. HeadCount founder Marc Brownstein, a member of the electronic rock band the Disco Biscuits and a Brooklyn native, will serve as emcee. Weir also happens to be on the organization’s Board of Directors.

Along with the world watching online, there will also be an intimate studio audience of benefactors and select media. If you would like to be in attendance as a benefector, you may acquire a ticket, here.

Have fun, and enjoy the show!

The Weakerthans play “(Manifest)” on the last night of a four night run at The Independent in San Francisco, CA.

The Budos Band [2012 Tour Dates]

Posted: January 19, 2012 in News
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I recently received word about The Budos Band planning tour dates for 2012, and San Francisco is listed with a stop at The Independent. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to the show. Will you? Hope to see you there!

The following are the dates I have heard about so far:

02/19/12 – Neumos in Seattle, WA
02/20/12 – The Wild Buffalo in Bellingham, WA
02/21/12 – Dante’s in Portland, OR
02/23/12 – The Independent in San Francisco, CA
02/24/12 – Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA
02/25/12 – Body English in Las Vegas, NV
04/05/12 – 9:30 Club in Washington, DC
04/06/12 – Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA
04/07/12 – Jewish Mother Hilltop in Virginia Beach, VA
04/09/12 – Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC
04/10/12 – Orange Peel in Asheville, NC
04/11/12 – The Pour House in Charleston, SC
04/12/12 – Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA
04/14/12 – Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was there and have some videos that should be going up on YouTube. Stay tuned!

Weakerthans Tour 2012

Billed as the “Four & More” tour, Winnipeg’s The Weakerthans set up residency at the Independent for a sold-out four-night stretch of dates, each a celebration of a different full length from their modestly-sized but venerable discography. The album show, if it is common enough to be known as such, is a peculiar kind of palimpsest.  Original, recorded material is inevitably written over with individual experience and sentiment. At a typical show, however, songs range across the entire breadth of an artist’s catalogue, usually with an emphasis on the more recent, and the listener’s connections to the music range similarly. By playing material from a single album – particularly an older, much beloved one – an album show evokes a more cohesive set of associations, saturating the listener in a specific and concentrated nostalgia made only more intense by the urgency and immediacy of the live setting.

For their part…

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