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The Loft Studio

The Loft Studio – The Beginning

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally started updating the website once again since I have several things in the works these days. In 2017 I moved down to Los Angeles to start working full-time for John Mayer, and since then I have taken a little step back from things on here since I needed some time to relax the mind and do something different for a bit. Plus, we had been touring pretty nonstop for the past few years. I have always had some projects in the back of my mind though. I took 2020 as a pretty lazy year of forced chill since we were not touring due to the Covid pandemic, but with things continuing a bit I thought it might be nice to finally take on some of the ideas and projects that have been lingering in my head.

I have always wanted to build out a nice little home recording studio and start getting ideas down for some songs since that is what initially led me into music. I had tried setting up a studio many years ago; but the cost of gear, the hassle of analog to digital conversion at the time, and the never ending obsoleteness of gear made it very difficult and too expensive. With the growth of digital music interfaces and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) in the past decade it has made things quite a bit easier to create a small, quality home studio. So, I recently put together the following:

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple 27″ LED Cinema Display
Logic Pro
Universal Audio Apollo X4
Yamaha HS5 Monitors
Yamaha HS8 Subwoofer
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Cans
Audio-Technica AT2020
Shure Beta 58A
(2) Shure SM57s
Roland XP-60
’67 Gibson SG
• Multitude of percussion instruments and noisemakers

This is only the beginning with more to come for sure. Stay tuned for more gear and music ideas.

I have also decided to go back to school and start work on a Masters in Music Business from Berklee College of Music. I will be taking limited courses to fit into my work schedule and will initially be working towards a Graduate Certificate in Music Business Law & Policy. Oooo…. Exciting stuff. For fun, I am planning on taking some undergraduate courses in Songwriting and Production starting with courses to earn a Professional Certification in Logic. Time to get off the couch after 2020 and learn some new things!

For many years I have also toyed with the idea of starting an online store where I can sell some of my photos and any other arts and crafts that I create. It’s definitely time to start creating more and sharing it with others. I believe that I will be starting with metal wall hangings of my photos soon on Etsy. I also have some ideas for furniture and home decor made from recycled musical instruments and physical music media. Be on the lookout.

Find Me On Depop

Find Me On Depop @MusicSumo

Finally, for now, I am starting to clean out my closet and sell some things on Depop. Come on over and take a look at what I got. It will be updated pretty regularly as I have a bit to unload. It is mainly old clothes and items that I’ve aquired over the years that I simply do no need any longer. I hope that some of it can find a good home where it is appreciated more often than hiding in a closet or drawer of mine. Come give a look at what I got, here.

That’s about it for now, but there is more to come. I plan on getting pretty busy again in the coming years. Hope to see you along the way!

As most of you may have already seen on the Music Sumo Facebook Page, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ guitars were reported stolen from Culver Studios in Southern California on Thursday April 12th while at rehearsals for their up coming tour. The guitars were Petty’s blond 1967 maple 12-string Rickenbacker and his Gibson SGTVJunior, Mike Campbell‘s blue Dusenberg, Ron Blair‘s Fender Broadcaster, and Scott Thurston‘s 1967 Epiphone Sheridan. Collectively, the guitars were said to be worth around $100,000. On their website, the band offered a “no questions asked” $7,500 reward for information leading to the return of the instruments.

Police Chief Don Pedersen said a break in the case came when a 51 year old security guard from the Culver Studios named, Daryl Emmette Washington, pawned one of the guitars at a Hollywood pawn shop for only $250. While I am sure that Tom Petty and the boys are glad to get their instruments back, a message seeking comment from the band’s publicist, Jim Merlis, was not immediately returned.

Have a good tour, guys!

Anyone remember the feds raiding the Gibson Guitar factories in Memphis and Nashville this past August? Well, they did, and between those raids and other raids in 2009; the feds have seized over $1 million worth of rosewood, ebony, and finished guitars from Gibson. These hardwoods are prized for their tonal properties and strength and are used for Gibson’s fretboards on their guitars. Gibson’s factories have remained open, but have done so under great difficulty due to the fact that the feds took most of the company’s raw materials.

The U.S. Justice Department has declined to comment on the case but have provided information regarding the Lacey Act, which is aimed at curbing illegal trafficking in wildlife, fish and plant products, and illegally obtained lumber. A letter issued by the Justice and Interior department officials stated the following:

“By prohibiting trafficking in wood illegally harvested overseas, the Lacey Act prohibits companies from undercutting law-abiding U.S. wood products companies … by trading in artificially inexpensive raw materials that have been illegally harvested from foreign forests.”

Gibson’s CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, states that Gibson Guitar uses a small fraction of the world’s tropical hardwoods, compared to that used for furniture and flooring, and because it uses so little it can use it sustainably. He also explained how his company has been a leader in this area with its line of SmartWood instruments, using wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. He went on to state:

“The issue here is not illegal logging or some conservation abuse … The laws that are being identified by the Department of Justice have to do with protectionism by the country of origin, keeping work in that country and therefore not allowing something that isn’t that value-added to be exported.”

Gibson has filed suit in federal court in Nashville to recover all of their seized materials, but that suit has been stayed while the investigation continues. In the meantime, Juszkiewicz has been working on changing the law. He says,

“I believe in the intent of the law … but I do believe that the way it’s currently written allows what’s happening to me to happen to other companies, and that’s wrong.”

House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner invited Juszkiewicz to join him in the speaker’s box to watch President Barack Obama‘s address on jobs to joint session of Congress on September 8.

Oh, and in case you were wondering… Luckily for musicians, a letter from the government in response to members of Congress on the Gibson case stated that those who unknowingly possess an instrument containing wood that was taken illegally “do not have criminal exposure.”

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