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Apparently, Snoop Dogg will be unveiling his new cigar brand, made with “premium tobacco from the Dominican Republic,” at this year’s Coachella Festival where he will headlining alongside Dr. Dre. According to a recent press release from Snoop, he says the following:

“Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to travel the world and try all different types of tobacco products. During my travels throughout South America and the Caribbean, I was fortunate to encounter this tobacco company, Executive Branch and was so impressed by their commitment to quality [far superior than all others], I knew I had to bring them to the States for all my fans to enjoy…. Throughout 2012, we plan on releasing new styles and flavors, in which I will be working with their team to make sure all products are up to Snoop Dogg standards.”

The first round of product, the “Executive Branch Cigarillos,” will be sold in packs of two for $.99.

With this announcment and his recent promoted cannabis bust in Texas, I foresee a lot more blunt smoke at his concerts in the future. Smoke ’em if you got ’em, I guess!

Snoop Dogg was busted for marijuana at the Texas border.

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg appeared next to Dr. Dre on the 2012 Coachella lineup, to the delight of everyone on the West Coast who was alive and capable of listening to music in the 90s. As the AP reports, Snoop himself appeared somewhere else yesterday: the Sierra Blanca border checkpoint in Texas, where border agents busted his van for possession of about 2 ounces of marijuana.

Snoop received a misdemeanor citation for possession which could potentially carry up to 180 days in prison and prompt a mass of Coachella attendees pouring one out for the homie behind bars. But there’s no real reason for alarm: most cases get off with a $500 mail-in fine, and we have very little doubt Snoop’s got that one covered.

Snoop should be back sipping gin and juice in California soon, where he’ll be in no danger of getting hassled before the festival. Snoop…

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