New Music Sumo Goods

Posted: February 19, 2021 in News
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Music Sumo Hoodie

Get your own Music Sumo hoodie today!

It was brought to my attention a few months ago that the link to the Music Sumo Goods was not working anymore. Checking with the producer of my merch I was informed that they had switched business models, shut down all clients’ stores, tossed out all of the artwork, and basically started over without informing anyone. Since it was around 2005 that I created all my old merch I had lost my artwork several hard drive crashes ago. After scrounging for what old artwork I could find, I created some new merch and opened a new store. So, enjoy the new line of Music Sumo Goods from Spreadshirt. I plan on putting together more designs, etc. in the future, but I hope that this will get the Sumo out on people’s backs for the time being. If a hoodie isn’t for you right now there is a lot more offered. I even have Music Sumo masks. Double up if you need to.

Music Sumo Mask

We now have Music Sumo masks!


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