The Trespassers – “It’s Snowin’, I’m Cryin'”

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Videos
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The Mobil Station is an anomaly. It’s definitely one of the most unique music venues in the country and absolutely one of my favorites. Yes, it’s a gas station in Lee Vining, CA, which is a town of a few hundred people, but it also has an incredible restaurant and music events that bring together the entire far-reaching community. Throughout the past eight years The Trespassers have played at The Mobil Mart at least 20 times, most recently on August 16, 2012. Darin Limvere filmed parts of that evening and produced a film of this track, one of Bronco’s more recent originals. “It’s Snowin’, I’m Cryin” tells a fantastical story of a man losing his love and then losing his life. Thanks, Darin, for sharing your talent with us!


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