A Guide To San Francisco Venues for The Casual Music Fan

Posted: January 16, 2012 in News
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Why do we go out to concerts? Most people go to hear a band they like. For some it’s an activity just to get them out of their house. And for others they have no choice because their “friend” drags them out–and that’s cool too. We often write about bands music fans would want to see, and certainly, not everyone is that particular. So in the next few weeks we plan to showcase venues that fans can enjoy for more than just the music. Here’s our guide to venues for the casual music fans.

The Boom Boom Room

1601 Fillmore Street  San Francisco, CA 94115

Opened by the legendary John Lee Hooker, who named the venue after his most successful hit song “Boom Boom,” at the Boom Boom Room you might hear some blues–but you’re more likely to get swept up onto the dance floor. This isn’t a sit down or head…

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