Where has Lady GaGa gone?

Posted: July 31, 2011 in News
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Now, I must admit that when the new Lady GaGa album came out recently I listened to it pretty constantly. It wasn’t totally based on choice though. It seemed like wherever I went I heard it. My girlfriend played it constantly, it was on the radio, it was on web radio, people listened to it at work, etc. Then, about six weeks ago I came across this article on Showbiz411 that stated that GaGa’s sales were already dropping by 85%. About 10 days later, they came out with this article, which stated that sales had dropped even more!

This is not to say that Lady GaGa was/is gone or not prevalent anymore, but this info does bring up some questions about her rapid downfall on the charts. Looking at the Billboard charts today, GaGa is down to #12 while Adele has continued to move up the charts – all the way to #1. My thoughts about this decline of GaGa is that it might be from her constant releasing of new material off the album throughout the past year. Many, many people had already heard quite a few of the songs off the new album before it even came out. Sure, I enjoyed the whole album for a bit when it first came out, but after a quick fix I had had enough since I had already heard many of the singles so many times already. Another good reason for the sales decline could be the flash that it made when the album first came out. It sold like mad when it first came out – shooting GaGa to #1 on all iTunes sales charts. It just might be that almost everyone of her major fans bought the album within the first week of sales too.

What are your thoughts on this decline in sales? How are you liking the album?


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