“Apple to ‘ban iPhone gig filming'”

Posted: July 31, 2011 in News
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It’s a scene seen at almost every large show these days… Hundreds, or even thousands of fans holding up their smart phones to record snippets of the show and then post them online and/or send them to their friends in real-time. Well, with Apple obtaining a massive foothold on the smartphone market, this occurance might be a thing of the past. Why? Seems Apple has filed for a patent for their iPhone that will prevent users from recording video with the device at live shows.

“A patent application filed by Apple revealed how the technology would work.

If an iPhone were held up and used to film during a concert infra-red sensors would detect it.

These sensors would then contact the iPhone and automatically disable its camera function.

People would still be able to send text messages and make calls.

The new technology is seen as an attempt to protect the interests of event organisers and broadcasters who have exclusive rights to concerts.”

Seems like a good thing for the business side of the performer and their management, but a bummer for fans.

You can read more about this news, here.

What are your thoughts about this? Is this a good thing, a bad thing, or both?

  1. Ben says:

    Major bummer. When I have done this in the past, it’s either been because I wanted to keep a song or two for myself (which aren’t available to me otherwise) or to share with friends who couldn’t make it to the concert, for any number of reasons. My sharing of the video(s) doesn’t cost the bands money, doesn’t cost the venue money and doesn’t cost the record label money. If anything, it’s free promotion for potential future concert customers.

    Guarantee Eddie Vedder won’t let those scanners at any of his shows…

  2. Music Sumo says:

    I agree with you, Ben. Although, I can kind of see the corporate point of view as well, I guess. What if your favorite band sucked all of a sudden and you saw that on YouTube and didn’t buy a ticket to their latest show?

    I think they should allow filming/taping at shows, personally. It definitely provides free promo, and I do not think that these videos are usually good enough to have any commercial viability and take away from the artists’ bottom line.

    I say, let them record with their phones.

  3. Ben says:

    Easy solution to your “what if” … Don’t suck! 🙂

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